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Dubliner Pol O'Conghaile takes you on a clandestinecrawl of his favourite drinking holes:
Guardian Newspaper Tuesday 7 August 2007
“Dice Bar: Huey from band the Fun Lovin' Criminals' was an original investor so the Dice Bar's gritty
New York City feel isn't surprising. Blacker-than-black with a kiss of red, the funky DJs, robust beers (many
from a local microbrewery) and a clientele spanning boho, metal and carpetbaggers from the D7 area of town
provides a unique overall feel – as if the East Village and Smithfield met in a tattoo parlour. The location adds
brio – on one occasion while this author was imbibing, a local kid cycled his bike through the premises.
Nobody batted an eyelid. That's the Dice Bar: sexy, salt-of-the-earth and then some.”

Musician, DJ and rock critic Rory O'Keeffe reveals his favourite bars in Dublin

Dubliner Magazine
THE DICE BAR: The Bar at the End of The Universe
The Dice Bar is not the sort of place you want to spend every evening in (unless you really hate your body):
the lighting is red, the paintwork is black, it's very dark. But they play the best music in town, and they pour
excellent beers from a local micro brewery. Besides, the Dice Bar has a wonderfully woeful location: on the far
side of Smithfield, on a street with little or no passing trade, so although it's packed every night, the tosser quota
is absurdly low. So please ignore this recommendation. I mean, you could be anybody..